Our estate was first occupied in 1907 when it was called Briscoe Buildings.

Planned in 1905 by the London County Council (LCC ) Briscoe Buildings was one of three estates to be built in London to house members of the working classes .

By 1959 Briscoe Buildings was in bad condition and, along with other LCC estates, plans were drawn up for major improvements – and a name change.

In 1961 on the rear blocks two flats were made out of the four on each landing, new fitted kitchens were installed and major structural work was carried out.  The name of the estate was changed to Renton Close .

By knocking two flats into one each apartment now had a bathroom.

These bathrooms lasted until the GLC (which had replaced the LCC) transferred the estate to Lambeth Council in the late 1980s.

One thought on “History

  1. Have just had a photo of your building emailed to me from an uncle who is doing some research into our family history – his mother / my grandmother lived in your building not long after it was built (we are New Zealanders so it is interesting to see where she used to live).

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